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Time Of Our Weekly Series Women Rising, Which This Week Looks At Research That Suggests That A Mother's Nutritional Health Could Affect Her Child's Health In A Way That Can Have Life Long Implications. Dr. Robert Waterland Is An Associate Professor Of Molecular And Human Genetics At Baylor College Of Medicine In Houston Texas, He Tells Daybreak Asia's Frances Alonzo That Data From A Study Of Mothers In Gambia Shows There Are Real Differences In A Child's Genetic Make-Up And The Child's Resilience In Certain Diseases Later In Life. He Says That His Group Studied Mothers Who Conceived Their Babies During The Rainy Season When Food Was Plentiful To Those Babies Conceived In The Dry Season When Diet Was Different. He Says The Results Show Exciting Promise In The Eventual Creation Of A Diet For Mothers That Would Help Their Children Before Conception And During Pregnancy That Would Give Them A Lifelong Chance To Live Healthier, Diseaese Resistant Lives.