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CIA Chief Tells Employees to Expect More Changes

The new head of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has told employees to expect more changes in the agency's organization and personnel.

CIA Director Porter Goss sent out an e-mail message Monday, a few hours after two top CIA officials resigned.

The officials, Deputy Director for Operations Stephen Kappes and his deputy Michael Sulik, had reportedly clashed with aides that Mr. Goss brought with him from Congress, where he chaired the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

Two other top CIA officials announced their resignations last week.

In his e-mail, Mr. Goss appeared to rebut charges from Democrats that he has a partisan agenda favoring President Bush. He told employees to "let the facts alone speak to the policymakers."

The president named Mr. Goss to head the CIA in August, in part to reform the agency many have criticized as ill equipped to fight the war on terror.