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Live 8 Concerts Raise Awareness About Poverty

Musicians Bob Geldof, left, and Paul Mc Cartney, right, and Mariah Carey, foreground, wave to the crowds at Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, London
The organizer of Saturday's massive "Live 8" charity concerts, Irish-born musician Bob Geldof, says he believes the events were "full of hope and possibility" for fighting global poverty--especially in Africa.

More than 150 of music's top artists, performed at the "Live 8" concerts, held in 10 cities around the world--including London, Philadelphia, Paris, Rome, Moscow, and Johannesburg.

Tens of millions of people tuned-in to the concerts, though many in Africa are too poor to access the event on radio, television or online.

The event came just days before leaders of the Group of Eight industrialized nations meet in Scotland to discuss issues including global poverty.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to press G8 leaders to adopt a plan that would double aid to Africa and forgive its staggering debt. President Bush has not agreed to the plan.