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Evacuation of Jewish Settlers Continues at Atzmona Settlement

Israeli soldiers on Sunday resumed their evacuations of Jewish settlers from their outposts in the Gaza Strip, following a day of inactivity because of the Jewish Sabbath.

A family of about ten, including many children, is chanting on their balcony, as Israeli troops come to evict them. I am here at the settlement of Atzmona, in Gaza, where they are going to evacuate 64 families Sunday. This family is waving orange ribbons and wearing yellow shirts. That's the color of resistance to the Gaza pullout. They are facing off with the Israeli soldiers, but the Israeli soldiers nevertheless are going in to deliver the evacuation orders.

The evacuation orders are delivered house-to-house. The settlers are told by the soldiers that they have a few hours to get out; and if they don't, they will be removed by force. Now we haven't seen any violent resistance at this community. People here have agreed that they won't attack or fight with Israeli solders. So it seems that mainly it's going to be a verbal protest.

Some people are wearing yellow stars that say "Jews do not expel Jews." The yellow star is reminiscent of the star forced on the Jews by the Nazis during the World War II. It's a very sensitive issue, but people here say throwing Jews out of their homes is reminiscent of the Holocaust.