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Al-Jazeera Demands Britain Publish Bush Bomb Plan Memo

Arabic satellite news channel Al-Jazeera has demanded Britain make public a leaked secret document in which President Bush allegedly says he wants to bomb the television station.

Al-Jazeera chief Wadah Khanfar said Saturday he takes the allegation seriously and wants to know exactly what the document says.

Alleged quotes from the classified memorandum were published Tuesday in a British newspaper, Daily Mirror. The report said, in an April, 2004 meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Bush says he wants to bomb the Al-Jazeera offices in Doha, Qatar.

The White House dismissed the report as "outlandish and inconceivable."

U.S. bombs hit Al-Jazeera's bureaus in Kabul and Baghdad during military operations in recent years, killing one reporter in what officials say were accidents.

U.S. officials have accused Al-Jazeera of biased and inaccurate reporting on the war in Iraq, and have called the news outlet a terrorist mouthpiece. The station denies the charge.

Some information for thisr eport provided by Reuters, AP and AFP.