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In Reaction to Bush Speech, Democrats Accuse Bush of Poor Management


Governor Tim Kaine of the southern U.S. state of Virginia says President Bush's "poor choices and bad management" have left the federal government unable to serve the American people.

Mr. Kaine gave the Democratic response to the president's annual State of the Union speech. He said Mr. Bush has failed to alleviate the federal government's massive budget deficits and criticized his call to make the tax cuts passed in 2001 permanent.

Mr. Kaine said the deficits have hindered such efforts as rebuilding the hurricane-ravaged U.S. Gulf Coast and the war in Iraq. He accused the president of not providing soldiers with proper body armor while fighting in Iraq.

The governor also blasted the Bush administration for its handling of the new Medicare prescription drug plan, which he said was poorly planned.

Mr. Kaine says Democrats across the nation are leading the way on reforms in such areas as energy and ethics for lawmakers.