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Indonesian Minister Says Danish Embassy Staff Pullout Hasty


Indonesia says there was no reason for Denmark to temporarily withdraw its diplomats from the country because of Muslim protests over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, first published in a Danish newspaper.

Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda says his country had security measures in place to protect the Danes. Danish officials said they made the decision because of credible telephone threats.

Denmark has also pulled diplomats from Iran and Syria where protesters attacked Danish diplomatic missions.

More protests broke out Sunday, in Pakistan and Turkey. In Istanbul, protesters threw eggs at the French consulate and called for revenge over the publication of the cartoons.

In Pakistan, the United Nations has limited the movement of staff and supplies because of protests. But officials say the decision has had only a minor effect on relief efforts for survivors of last year's earthquake.

And Iran rejected U.S. accusations that it was using the cartoons to incite anti-West violence. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said the anger in the Muslim world was natural and he again called for a formal Danish apology for the cartoons.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.