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Israelis Ask Movie Academy to Withdraw Palestinian Film from Oscar Competition


Families of Israelis killed in Palestinian suicide bombings are asking the U.S. Motion Picture Academy to withdraw a Palestinian movie from Oscar competition.

Paradise Now, about two Palestinian suicide bombers, is up for an Oscar for best foreign film.

The Israeli families have collected more than 30,000 signatures on a petition asking the Academy to pull the film from competition before Sunday night's Oscar show. They say the film is sympathetic to the Palestinians - and suicide bombers - and ignores the suffering of bombing victims.

Israelis officials are also unhappy that the Academy lists the film as coming from the country of Palestine.

The Academy's director of communications John Pavlik, told the Jerusalem Post that it may say the film comes from "the Palestinian Territories" during the Oscar broadcast.

In January, Paradise Now won the Golden Globe award for best foreign film. The movie was directed by an Arab Israeli and produced by a Jewish Israeli.