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Bush Thanks Australia for Support in Iraq, Afghanistan


President Bush has thanked Australia for its support in Afghanistan and Iraq and for efforts in the global war against terrorism.

President Bush hosted Australian Prime Minister John Howard at the White House Tuesday. He said they discussed Iraq, North Korea, Iran, and energy and trade.

In a joint news conference, Mr. Bush also addressed a question about a widely reported, U.S. government program that collects the phone records of millions of Americans.

He said he has been clear that the United States does not listen to phone calls of Americans without court approval. He said the United States is working within the law to protect the country against the threat of al-Qaida.

He also said his immigration plan that he announced Monday will help the border patrol along the Mexican border better do its job.

For his part, Mr. Howard thanked Mr. Bush for the warm welcome, but also warned that the war on terrorism will continue for a long time.

Australia has troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.