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Israel: Soldiers' Abduction is Act of War


Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas have seized two Israeli soldiers, and killed at least two others in raids on Israeli Defense Forces positions along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Israel is calling the action an act of war, and warning of painful consequences.

Israeli ground forces crossed into Lebanon for the first time in six years in a desperate search for the two missing soldiers. Israel's Air Force and Navy also pounded targets in southern Lebanon. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the Hezbollah action an act of war.

Mr. Olmert says Israel holds Lebanon responsible for the abduction of its soldiers and he warned of painful and far-reaching consequences for the raids.

Israeli defense officials say they are mobilizing reserve infantry units to be sent to the Lebanese border.

An Israeli air strike on Wednesday also destroyed a building in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials say nine people were killed, but that Israeli forces missed their target, Hamas militant Mohammed Deif, who Israeli authorities say has been behind numerous suicide bombings in Israel.