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Israeli Airstrike Destroys Palestinian Foreign Ministry


An Israeli airstrike has destroyed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City, causing widespread damage in the area.

The Israeli military confirmed the attack early Thursday, but it was unclear if anyone was in the building at the time. Palestinian medics say at least 10 people in area houses, including children, were wounded.

In carrying out the attack, Israel targeted the offices of Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, a leader of the Hamas-led Palestinian government. Hamas' charter calls for Israel's destruction.

The attack came a day after 23 people were killed in Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

In one of the attacks, Palestinian officials say Israeli warplanes targeted a Gaza City house where Hamas militants were meeting. Media reports say the attack wounded a leader of Hamas' armed wing, Mohammed Deif.

Deif is one of Israel's most wanted men. Israel blames him for several Palestinian suicide bombings.

Earlier this month, Israeli warplanes attacked the Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza City.

Israel is carrying out a military offensive in Gaza to find an Israeli soldier captured by militants last month and to stop Palestinian rocket attacks. Nearly 80 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its military operations two weeks ago.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.