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Deadly Cyclone Hits Southern Pakistan

A second deadly storm swept through Southern Pakistan Tuesday just days after heavy rains and floods killed more than 200 people in the region. From Islamabad, VOA Correspondent Benjamin Sand reports tens of thousands of people are being evacuated throughout southern Pakistan.

Cyclone Yemyin made landfall Tuesday afternoon, lashing Pakistan's southern coast with heavy rain and gale force winds.

Officials say several boats have already been sunk with up to 20 others feared missing.

Pakistan's military helped evacuate thousands of families in the southern province o f Baluchistan.

The cyclone comes just three days after a powerful storm devastated coastal towns and cities in neighboring Sindh province.

Officials in the port city of Karachi say flooding there destroyed hundreds of homes and killed at least 200 people.

The city's deputy mayor, Nasreen Jaleel, says local security forces are doing everything they can to prevent further suffering.

She says rangers have been deployed to help free cars stuck in flooded roads and distribute food and water to vulnerable communities.

Power is down throughout much of the city, and several areas have lost access to clean drinking water.

Violent protests erupted in some of the hardest hit areas on Sunday. Police say one person was killed and a number of vehicles torched during the weekend riots.

Heavy rains have also hit neighboring India, where some 40 people have died in the past few days.

Officials in southern and western India say monsoon season, which started about four weeks ago, has left more than 140 people dead.