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Zimbabwe Songstress Chiwoniso Maraire Focuses on Inspiration, Hope, Resistance

Zimbabwean songstress Chiwoniso Maraire has released her much awaited new album. Titled 'Rebel Woman', the CD is set to re-establish Chiwoniso on the global music stage following her debut album 'Ancient Voices'. The new 12-track album features songs of inspiration, hope and resistance sung mostly in Shona. Voice of America English to Africa reporter Derek Moyo says the CD “Rebel Woman,” produced by Chiwoniso and long time friend Keith Farquarson, took 3 years to create.

It features several seasoned musicians including Adam Chisvo, Sam Mataure, Louis Mhlanga and Steve Dyer. The album was recorded in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and the US.

One of the new songs on the CD is the melodic Kurima, written by Maraire and poet Chirikure Chirikure. The track tackles land reform in Zimbabwe. Chiwoniso sings about how the soil should be used to uplift people's lives. However, she warns limited focus on the land has led people to overlook other possibilities for development.

The CD also features several inspirational songs, like "Wakashinga." Chiwoniso sings about jealousy, and how some people may want to destroy others when they're doing well. She urges people to be true to their beliefs.

Chiwoniso also performs several traditional songs; one includes a new rendition of her late father's song “Irobukairo.” This track features Chiwoniso urging people to be on the look out for negative energy that may disturb their homes. She also warns against "negative spirits" that may cause strife between husbands and wives, when they should appreciate the good things they have together.

Another song, “Nguva Yekuvara,” is already enjoying major airplay across the world, following its inclusion on the Putumayo World Music's African Compilation album called African Party.

Rebel Woman has been released worldwide by Chiwoniso's US record company, Cumbancha. For more information you can log onto Chiwoniso's website