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34 Nigerian Children Dead From Tainted Medicine

Nigerian health officials say they are flying in doses of an antidote for a poisoned teething medicine that has now killed 34 infants.

Nine more children have died in addition to the 25 reported last week after being given the medicine sold under the name "My Pikin."

The medicine is intended to relieve pain caused by the growth of new teeth. Officials say that instead of the normal ingredients, the Lagos-based manufacturer added a substance, diethylene glycol, commonly used in anti-freeze and industrial solvents.

Nigeria's food and drug agency (NAFDAC) says it hopes to receive about 100 doses of the antidote from London.

Authorities say the tainted medicine is being pulled from shelves, and that several arrests have been made in connection with the distribution of the drug.

Nigerian officials say the company behind the bad medicine, Barewa Pharmaceuticals, has been shut down, and they are urging parents not to give the teething medication to their children.

At least 30 children were hospitalized after taking the drug. The victims suffered from fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

NAFDAC says the initial deaths were reported at hospitals in Lagos, Zaria and Ibadan.