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Peter White Puts Finishing Touch on Original Songs on 'Good Day'


London native Peter White had high hopes of becoming an electric guitarist and following in the footsteps of his rock heroes Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. But it was purely by accident that he switched to the instrument that eventually made him world famous; the acoustic guitar.

Peter White has his younger brother Danny to thank for renewing his interest in playing the acoustic guitar. Peter claims Danny started a fire that destroyed his beloved electric guitar, forcing him to return to the acoustic model he started on as a child. Peter says, "The funny thing is that Danny didn't actually admit to setting that fire for at least 25 years."

Maybe fans have Danny to thank as well, since Peter moved on to become one of today's top "smooth" jazz musicians.

Peter White's new album, Good Day, was a work-in-progress until he put the finishing touches on his first collection of original material in more than five years.

Peter explains that it was simply just a matter of time before the songs took shape. He says, "I started going through my backlog of material - songs that I had never finished, some going back 10 or 15 years - and I discovered a lot of gems that I really wanted to show the world."

Meantime, Peter is making the rounds of jazz festivals, cruise ships and vintage wineries in Europe and the U.S. on his current "Good Day" tour. In October, he will reunite with his former collaborator, British pop star Al Stewart, for two concerts in Steelville, Missouri. A month later, Peter will begin his annual Christmas tour with saxophonist Dave Koz and Friends.