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Kinshasa Denies Undermining Madagascar Government


Kinshasa Denies Undermining Madagascar Government
Kinshasa Denies Undermining Madagascar Government

The Democratic Republic of Congo says it is not to blame for Madagascar's threat to consider withdrawing its membership from the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

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Antananarivo expressed displeasure after SADC members prevented embattled President Andry Rajoelina from addressing the September 24th U.N. General Assembly.

Madagascar is demanding answers from SADC and is threatening to prevent mediators seeking to resolve the ongoing political crisis from entering the country.

The Democratic Republic of Congo President, Joseph Kabila currently holds the chairmanship of the sub-regional body.

Lambert Mende, communications minister of the DRC said that Congo has no interest in undermining Madagascar.

"We think that there is nothing to blame the DRC. The DRC has no personal grievance against Mr. Rajoelina or any Malagasy leader. We are just acting as the chairperson," Mende said.

He said President Kabila implemented what was unanimously agreed upon by members of the sub-regional body.

"Our president is the chairperson of the SADC and as a chairperson he is implementing whatever is being decided by the summit of the heads of state," he said.

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Mende said SADC is troubled by Madagascar's political crisis.

"Everybody in SADC is very concerned about the situation in Madagascar," Mende said.

He said there is need for peace and stability to be upheld in Madagascar.

"We are a principled government and we need principles to be respected. Those are the principles of the people of Madagascar," he said.

Mende said SADC seeks a solution to the Madagascar crisis.

"All we need is that Madagascar can speak together and find a solution that they can negotiate among themselves. There is no other away out of those two alternatives," Mende said.

He denied SADC is undermining Madagascar's government.

"One can ask if it is SADC that is undermining Madagascar or some leaders in Madagascar who are undermining their principles, their own laws, their own constitution that is the question," he said.

Mende called for Malagasies to respect the rule of law.

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"We need everybody in our region to work and to live under principles, under rules. This was not the case in this country and that is why we are trying to push all our brothers in Madagascar to come back to principles. There is no way now to say that somebody is trying to undermine somebody. No," Mende said.

He said President Kabila will continue negotiating with Antananarivo.

"We are sure that our president will respond because this is a member state that has been suspended. But we are still (support) negotiation among them to find a solution…since they have questioned the presidency they have questioned the state members… they will receive the position of SADC from President Kabila," he said.

SADC suspended Madagascar after describing Rajoelina's ascension to power as a coup d'état following the resignation of former President Marc Ravalomanana.

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