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I’m the Legitimate Prime Minister, Says Roindefo


I’m the Legitimate Prime Minister, Says Roindefo
I’m the Legitimate Prime Minister, Says Roindefo

Tensions in Madagascar took another dramatic turn after Monja Roindefo refused to give up his post in the transitional government, claiming his is the legitimate Prime Minister.

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Over the weekend, President Andry Rajoelina endorsed an internationally backed power-sharing agreement and named a new prime minister to take over from Roindefo.

But Roindefo rejected the move, saying he would only step down after the four main political parties agree to his sacking.

Analysts say Roindefo's refusal to step down could undermine the power-sharing agreement.

In an interview with the VOA, Roindefo said that his alleged removal contravenes the recent Maputo agreement.

"I am the legal prime minister of Madagascar. As you know, since we have signed this charter of Maputo it has been said therein that there should be consensus, a prime minister would be appointed or designated by the four political forces in the Malagasy crisis," Roindefo said.

He said a new prime minister can only be named in accordance with the Maputo power-sharing pact.

"If there should be a new prime minister, he should be appointed according to the charter of Maputo. That means there should be the signature of the four major tendency leaders. So up to now there is no such appointment or such act," he said.

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Roindefo called the announcement of his removal a "mere suggestion."

"If there were to be an appointment, it was a proposition, not an official act signed by the four major actors. But for the moment, I remain the only legal prime minister waiting for the legal appointment and the official signed letter appointing this so-called prime minister of consensus," Roindefo said.

He described his removal as baseless.

"This statement has no foundation if there was no signature by the four major actors," he said.

Roindefo said there has not been any communication between him and President Rajoelina over his alleged removal.

"We have not yet talked personally. I heard that there was such act. but such act should be illegal," Roindefo said.

He asked for the leading political parties to determine who the next prime minister should be.

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"I urge the four parties involved to urgently sign the agreement and put the name of their choice as the consensual prime minister," he asked.

Roindefo expressed dissatisfaction with the press release announcing his removal.

"We are a state. We cannot be run by a press communiqué," Roindefo said.

It is not clear if Eugene Mangalaza, the newly named prime minister is going to be accepted by the leading the political parties.

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