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Weapons Inspections Continue in Iraq


Weapons inspections and missile destruction continued in Iraq Wednesday, but there was no sign of promised documentation regarding tons of missing chemical and biological agents.

U.N. weapons inspectors fanned out to several locations in Iraq Wednesday and continued the process of destroying more banned Al-Samoud 2 missiles.

Iraqi officials also showed reporters a drone aircraft, recently discovered by weapons inspectors, that U.S. officials say could be used to deliver biological and chemical agents.

Iraqi officials said the drone, which U.N. weapons inspectors said could potentially fly beyond a mandated limit of 150 kilometers, was a prototype and only flew three kilometers during its first test flight. The Iraqi officials said the drone is designed for reconnaissance, jamming and aerial photography, and is not capable of carrying chemical or biological weapons.

In the meantime, weapons inspectors visited about nine sites Wednesday including a site where Iraqi officials say they destroyed and buried tons of anthrax and VX nerve agent in 1991. Baghdad has, so far, failed to make good on its promise to provide documentation regarding tons of missing chemical and biological poisons.