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At Least 2 Killed in Mogadishu Clashes


At least two people have been killed in clashes between rival militias in Somalia's tense capital Mogadishu.

Media reports coming out of the city say Islamic militias Wednesday battled with an alliance of warlords - the Alliance for Restoration of Peace and Counter Terrorism for control of a school.

The fighting comes just days after at least seven people were killed in skirmishes between the militias in the Hamarweyne district of central Mogadishu.

Tensions are said to be high in the city, where residents have told reporters the two groups have recently been stockpiling weapons and positioning gunmen.

Somalia's government has temporarily moved its capital to the southern town of Baidoa, citing the deteriorating situation in Mogadishu.

The government has yet to assert its authority over Somalia, which has essentially been lawless since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohammed Siad Barre.

Two rounds of fighting in Mogadishu between the rival factions have left around 100 people dead so far this year.

Many Somalis suspect the rival coalition of warlords is supported by the United States government as part of its war on terror. The U.S. State Department told VOA it does support the alliance's objective of rooting out terrorists, but would not comment further.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP and AP.