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Peru's Former President Attempts to Form Political Alliance

Peru's former President, Alberto Fujimori, has told authorities he is trying to form a political alliance to support his bid to run in next April's presidential election.

In a visit to the Peruvian consulate in Tokyo Wednesday, Mr. Fujimori had his signature validated on a document joining his Si Cumple party with two other political parties. The consulate said it notarized his signature, but not the contents of the document.

The disgraced ex-president and son of Japanese parents fled to Japan in 2000, where he was granted citizenship.

The exiled president is wanted in Peru to face charges of corruption and human rights abuses related to the death squad murders of 25 people.

Mr. Fujimori, Peru's hard-line ruler from 1990 to 2000, has denied the charges, calling them politically motivated.

Tokyo has refused requests from Lima for his extradition.