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Afghan Election Officials Offer to Release Voter Fraud Findings

A man visits the tent of Afghan lawmaker from western Herat province, Simeen Barakzai, as she continued her fast for the eight consecutive day in Kabul, October 9, 2011.

Afghan election officials say they stand by their decision to expel nine lawmakers from parliament for voter fraud, even though one of the unseated politicians vows to continue a hunger strike until she is reinstated.

The head of Afghanistan's election commission said Tuesday that they are ready and willing to make public how they arrived to their decision.

Despite the government's ruling, Simeen Barakzai has vowed to continue her hunger strike outside parliament in Kabul.

The female Afghan politician began her hunger strike nearly two weeks ago. She refuses to be taken to a hospital or to take a glucose drip, despite reports that her health is in a critical condition.

Barakzai is one of nine members of parliament removed from their seats in August by Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission, which is trying to resolve long-running allegations of voter fraud against some winners of a 2010 parliamentary vote. Some lawmakers who boycotted parliament to protest the expulsions returned to their seats on Saturday.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and AFP.