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Bangladesh to End Search for Building Collapse Victims

A Bangladeshi rescuer stands amid the rubble of a garment factory building that collapsed on April 24 as they continue searching for bodies in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 12, 2013.
Authorities in Bangladesh say they are preparing to end the search for victims of a building collapse that killed 1,127 people last month.

An army general said troops will complete the search by Tuesday, after weeks of combing through rubble for survivors and the bodies of victims.

On Friday, emergency workers rescued a woman who survived 17 days buried in the rubble of the garment factory complex. Emergency workers had earlier given up hope they would find any more survivors.

On Sunday, the government said it plans to raise the minimum wage for garment workers in response to protests linked to last month's collapse.

The April 24 accident near Dhaka sparked days of protests by garment workers against their pay and working conditions.

Authorities have arrested at least nine people in connection with the collapse.

Officials say the running of several heavy generators on upper floors may have contributed to the collapse because the structure was not built to support them.

The Bangladesh government says it has shut down 18 garment factories for safety reasons following the collapse.

On Wednesday, eight people died in a garment factory fire in the the capital.