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Chile President's Approval Rating Falls to All-time Low

FILE - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's popularity dropped to an all-time low in June.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's approval rating fell to an all-time low in June amid widening student unrest, the resignation of her Cabinet chief and a sluggish economy, a survey by pollster GfK Adimark showed Wednesday.

Her support slumped to 22 percent in June, down from 24 percent in May. It was the lowest level for any president since Adimark started the polling series in 2006, when Bachelet first assumed that office for a four-year term.

In June, Interior Minister Jorge Burgos, who also led the Cabinet, resigned after policy disputes, while a student protest ended with violent confrontations with police.

Widespread unease over meager economic growth and a rising jobless rate have also weighed on how residents viewed Bachelet, who took office for a second term in 2014.

The survey polled 1,064 people from June 3 to 30, with a margin of error of 3 percentage points.