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China Braces for Typhoon

A huge wave hits the dike as Typhoon Fitow moves to make its landfall in Wenling, east China's Zhejiang province on October 6, 2013.
China is on its highest alert for the approach of Typhoon Fitow, which is forecast to hit the country's eastern coast between Sunday night and Monday morning.

China's National Meteorological Center has issued a red alert for the storm, saying it is expected to make landfall in an area between southern Zhejiang province and northern Fujian province.

Authorities have evacuated thousands of vacationers from resorts in the area. Fishing boats and ferries have been warned to return to port and dozens of international and domestic flights have been canceled.

Fitow is named after a flower from Micronesia. The typhoon is the 23rd to hit the region this year.