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Egypt's Ahmed Shafiq Represents Old Guard

Ahmed Shafiq as Egypt's prime minister, February 13, 2011 (AP).
Egypt's Ahmed Shafiq was former president Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister before he lost power in last year's pro-democracy protests.

The former Air Force commander was appointed prime minister in hopes of appeasing the popular revolt. But because of that connection to Mubarak, he is viewed with some suspicion by activists involved in the 2011 movement and polarized voters.

Shafiq graduated from the Egyptian Air Force Academy and later earned a doctorate. He has a storied military history. His campaign said he shot down two Israeli planes during wars with the Jewish state in 1967 and early 1973.

During his campaign, Shafiq presented himself as the candidate with both military and civilian experience, a combination he said that is key to Egypt's shift toward democracy.

He also served as Egypt's minister of aviation, during which time he oversaw the modernization of Egypt's airports and boosted the country's tourism industry. Still, he remains a polarizing figure.

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