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Ghanians Celebrate Advance to Round of 16

Ghana's loss against Germany Wednesday did not stop the African team from advancing to the Round of 16 and it certainly did not stop fans in Accra from celebrating.

Fans in Accra are say, we did not score, but we still won because we are moving to the next round.

Indeed, Germany beat Ghana 1-0 in Wednesday's match but it did not keep Ghana from being the first African team to qualify for the Round of 16.

A fan in Accra says the Germans are more experienced than us, which was clearly displayed during the match. But, he says, we are definitely moving to the next round.

Other fans say Ghana is still going strong.

"I love it, I love it, I love it," said one of them. "Ghana is still in it and we are lucky and we are glad of that. I thank God. I am very happy, by all means we can do it."

But not everyone was happy about the match.

"The coach knows he could play very well but he decided to play a defensive game, why the defensive game? So why should he play such a game? Please we are Ghanaians and we love football. We love football," said a fan. "I can't believe that we lost this match. How can we go to the finals? We have to sack our coach."

That emphasis on defense has some fans worried how Ghana will score against its next opponent, the United States, a team that one fan said is "known to play fast."

But those same fans are also quick to remind that Ghana beat the United States 2-1 in the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Ghana will play the Americans Saturday.