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(Im)migration News Recap, Nov. 25-Dec. 1 

FILE - Ten Rohingya Muslim men with their hands bound kneel as members of the Myanmar security forces stand guard in Inn Din village, Sept. 2, 2017.

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Silence in Rakhine

At the site of Myanmar's Inn Din massacre, which set in motion the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, villagers tell reporters, "I did not know about it."

Death in detention

A Russian man who once said he was scared to go back to his home country died in U.S. custody in November. Activists blame the U.S. immigration agency for his death. Authorities say it was suicide.

Undocumented numbers on the decline

The number of undocumented immigrants in the United States is on the decline, a new report shows — by about 1.5 million. But while President Donald Trump's focus has been almost exclusively on the southwest U.S. border, the bigger issue in terms of numbers is another category entirely: people who enter the U.S. with visas, but overstay their allotted time.

Tear gas at the border

There were protesters. There were U.S. federal agents. Then there was tear gas. "I grabbed my daughters and started running," a woman told Reuters.

The U.S. is using an array of tactics in a show of force at the southwest border "to ensure public safety in response to large numbers of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally."

Trump maintains he is willing to partially shut down the federal government next week if Congress doesn't approve funding to build a wall at the border.

Stripping people of citizenship in Australia

The country's prime minister wants to revoke citizenship for convicted terrorists; but, that could leave felons stateless, lawyers point out, leading to an indefinite legal limbo.