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Indonesian Temple Bombing Linked to Burma Violence

Police investigators arrive at the Ekayana Grha Buddhist temple where a bomb went off on Sunday night, in Jakarta, Indonesia, August 5, 2014.
Violence against Muslim Rohingyas in Burma is believed to be the motivation for a bomb attack on a Buddhist temple in Indonesia.

Officials say a bomb went off late Sunday at the entrance of a temple in Jakarta, injuring one person and causing minor damage. A message attached to the device said, "We hear the screams of the Rohingyas."

The Chief of National Police Dectives, Lt. General Sutarman blamed the attack on terrorists. “Small devices exploded at the front and rear doors. The glass panes did not break. It is obvious that it was an explosive but it was small, judging the fact that they exploded so close to the panes without breaking them. One of the devices exploded and the other one produced smoke, but it did not explode. There was a regular service in the temple, which is always crowded on Sunday morning. The aim is to create fear, so it must be done by terrorist."

Attack condemned for interrupting Ramadan

Security Minister Djoko Suyanto condemned the attack for interrupting the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and says he has ordered security forces to find and capture the perprtrators.

The Deputy Chief of National Police, Lt. General Nanan Sukarna, said authorities are prepared to respond to these kinds of events. "You never know when terrorists will act. So we, including the bomb squad team, are always ready."

Earlier this year, Indonesia foiled a plan to bomb the Burmese embassy in Jakarta.

Sectarian violence in Burma has left about 200 people dead and 140,000 displaced across the country over the past year. Last month, Jakarta urged Rangoon to grant legal status to the country’s Muslim Rohingya and take action to end inter-communal violence.