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Intel to Supply Chips for Google Glass

FILE - Google founder Sergey Brin (L) adjusts a pair of Project Glass glasses on designer Diane von Furstenberg before the rehearsal for von Furstenberg's Spring/Summer 2013 collection show during New York Fashion Week.

U.S. semiconductor giant Intel Corporation will replace Texas Instruments Inc. as the manufacturer of the chip powering the Google Glass.

Intel has developed several ultra-small processors with low power requirements, important for wearable devices which rely in tiny batteries. The corporation is now making deals with other companies to get them to the market.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google Glass is expected to be marketable sometimes next year, but it is still unclear whether it will be available to regular consumers.

After numerous concerns regarding possible violations of privacy - because of the Google Glass’s ability to video record whatever the wearer sees - Google is shifting its marketing focus from private owners to the office environment.

The company says Google Glass could be especially useful for people who work with their hands but need constant information updates, such as health care, manufacturing and construction workers.