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Iran, World Powers Discuss Nuclear Deal

FILE - The reactor building of the Bushehr nuclear power plant just outside the southern city of Bushehr.
Negotiators from Iran and a group of six world powers are holding a new round of talks in their effort to craft a long-term agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

They met Wednesday in Vienna with plans to begin drafting the text of the deal as they approach their target deadline of July 20.

The long-term agreement would build on a temporary agreement they reached last November, which called for Iran to cap its nuclear activities in return for limited sanctions relief from the West.

In the final agreement, Iran wants all sanctions targeting its nuclear program lifted, while the group that includes the United States, Britain, China, France, Russia and Germany wants assurances that Iran is not working to build nuclear weapons.

Iran has long insisted its nuclear program is peaceful.

The International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA indicated after a meeting with Iran on Monday that more work was needed for Tehran to fully implement a series of nuclear transparency measures by a Thursday deadline.