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Israel Captures Last 2 Militants Who Escaped From Prison

FILE - Israeli soldiers search for two Palestinians who broke out of prison, near Gan Ner, Israel, Sept. 12, 2021. The last two of six escapees were rearrested Sept. 19, the Israeli military said.

Israeli police on Sunday captured the last two of six Palestinian militants who had escaped from a maximum-security prison more than 10 days ago, the police announced on Twitter, saying the two men were found in the eastern district of Jenin city.

"The chase ended successfully in a joint operation of the [Israel Defense Forces], the Public Security Service and the Special Police Forces tonight in the city of Jenin. The two terrorists who escaped from the prison were arrested," Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee said.

"The two saboteurs surrendered, Nayef Kamamji and Munadel Yacoub Infeiat, after the army and police surrounded the house they hid inside in Jenin."

Following the September 6 escape from Gilboa prison, two of the men were caught on September 10, with two more captured the next day.

The Israeli army spokesman posted photos on Twitter of the last two prisoners during their arrest on Sunday.

The six Palestinian militants broke out of the prison in a Hollywood-style escape that left their jailers peering through a hole in the floor of a cell and had Palestinians celebrating in the streets.