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Israel Submits Gaza War Report to UN

Israel has submitted a report on the Gaza war to the United Nations.

Israel says the army is taking steps to reduce the number of civilian casualties in future wars, and it will restrict the use of white phosphorous that causes severe burns. There will also be a humanitarian affairs officer in each combat unit.

The changes appear in a report to the United Nations on Israel's three-week assault on the ruling Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip a year and a half ago.

"The Israeli army decided that even though it was a deliberate act by Hamas to fight in civilian areas, and the army took precautions, they can take even further precautions to minimize, as far as possible, the civilian casualties," said Robbie Sabel, an Israeli expert on international law.

The U.N.-appointed Goldstone Commission had accused the army of war crimes and deliberately targeting Palestinian civilians and demanded that Israel launch an investigation. Israel denies the allegations, saying the invasion of Gaza was a legitimate act of self-defense against years of Hamas rocket and mortar attacks.

Sabel believes Israel has given a credible response, but it may not help its tarnished image.

"This is the sort of report you would expect to see a responsible government doing, but I suspect that politically motivated bodies are going to condemn us for whatever we do," said Sabel.

The Goldstone Commission also accuses Hamas of war crimes, but the Palestinian group has not submitted its report.