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South Sudan's Juba-Bor Road Almost Impassable

Trucks and passengers wait while local youths repair potholes on the Juba-Bor road in South Sudan

With potholes grinding traffic to near halt on one of nation's main arteries, local youth do repairs in face of government inaction

The Juba-Bor road is one of the main land transport corridors in the new nation of South Sudan. But with the arrival of the rainy season, the road has become almost impassable to traffic. Dozens and possibly hundreds of vehicles, transporting goods and people from Juba and East Africa to Jonglei state are stuck along the roads worst stretches, causing large price hikes for goods in the state capital.

And while the government appears to be doing little to maintain the road, some youth in Bor are doing their best to fix up the most damaged parts of it, while earning some money along the way.

VOA's Manyang David Mayar recently took a bumpy bus ride down this road. To hear his report, please click on the link below, or on that top right hand of the page.