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Report Exposes South Sudan Corruption

At Independence celebrations in the capital, Juba, South Sudan President pledged to combat corruption.

The South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission tabled its 2010 annual report to the National Assembly on Tuesday. The report reveals that the commission investigated and closed cases involving more than 12 million Sudanese pounds of funds misused by unnamed ministries and one corporation. The commission report also indicates that cases totalling six million Sudanese pounds in alleged government graft were referred to other agencies.

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has frequently highlighted corruption as being one of the biggest impediments to the new nation's development. One high level example is some the disappearance of billions of US dollars worth of government food subsidies in 2008. That is currently being investigated by the National Assembly. Opinion polling and surveys indicate the general public also sees corruption as a major issue, but that they remain concerned that little is being done to end the problem.

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