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Lights Switched Off Around World for Earth Hour

Young participants look at a performer wearing a luminous costume entertaining a crowd in Lisbon, Portugal, during the symbolic switching off of lights known as Earth Hour, March 28, 2015.

The lights went out in countries across the world on Saturday to mark Earth Hour, a campaign to raise awareness about climate change.

In Jordan, about 200 people attended an event in Amman. This year's theme was "#YourPower," aimed at promoting sustainable, renewable and local energy alternatives.

"Maybe as individuals it doesn't do much, but together all of these will benefit the Earth and make it better," said student Hana Abul Al-Wafa.

The lights on the Acropolis in Athens were switched off in three stages — first the Acropolis, then the Parthenon temple and finally the Erechtheion temple.

In Italy, dozens gathered to watch the lights of Saint Peter's Basilica go out — a moment that most likely pleased the Vatican's most famous resident, Pope Francis, who has said how important it is to protect the environment.

More than 7,000 similar events were held around the globe, according to the World Wildlife Fund, which started the first Earth Hour in Sydney, Australia in 2007.