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Hundreds Flock to Shanghai Mailbox

Pop singer Lu Han poses in front of a Shanghai mailbox. The mailbox has become a popular pilgrimage site. (Weibo)

A Shanghai mailbox has become a pilgrimage site for young Chinese music fans.

The mailbox became famous when singer Lu Han, formerly of the Chinese-Korean pop band EXO, posed for a photo leaning on the mailbox Friday night.

The photo went viral, attracting over 800,000 likes on Weibo, the Chinese social media site, according to the BBC.

But some fans took their love of the photo into real life, with hundreds, mostly young women, making a pilgrimage to the mailbox.

According to The Paper, which posted pictures of the fans lining up, the line to see the mailbox stretched over 300 meters at one point.

"He walked on this road, he saw this landscape, I feel a little closer to him," one woman tells The Paper, according to the BBC.

Some people were puzzled by all the hoopla.

"A mailbox influenced this much worship, are these people spiritually empty? *sigh*" wrote one person in the comments, according to the BBC.

According to the South China Morning Post, so many had touched the mailbox that the paint was starting to get rubbed off.