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Hezbollah Says it Shot Down Israeli Drone

A Hezbollah flag flies in the Lebanon village of Aitaroun, near the northern Israeli town of Avivim, Aug. 26, 2019.

Hezbollah said Monday its fighters shot down an Israeli drone over southern Lebanon.

The militant group said in a statement it used "suitable weapons" to take down the drone, and that the aircraft was in its possession.

The Israeli military reported one of its drones went down in the same area, but did not specify a cause. Israel said it was a "simple drone" and that there were no concerns about important information being taken from it.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned last month that his fighters would attack any Israeli drones that entered Lebanese airspace.

The development comes a week after Hezbollah and the Israeli army traded fire for the first time in years as Hezbollah launched anti-tank missiles into Israel and the Israeli forces responded with artillery.

The two sides fought a month-long war in 2006.