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NATO: Libya's Gadhafi 'Cannot Wait Us Out'

In this photo taken on a government-organized tour, Libyan men stand on top of the remains of a medical clinic that was destroyed during a NATO airstrike early Monday morning, in the town of Zlitan, roughly 160 km (99 miles) east of Tripoli, Libya, Monday

A NATO spokeswoman says allied forces will continue military operations in Libya for as long as needed and that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi cannot "wait" them out.

Carmen Romero said in Brussels Tuesday that NATO will keep up its airstrikes as long as pro-Gadhafi forces attack or threaten civilians.

Her comments come at a time when some government officials have expressed concern about the length of the mission, now in its fifth month.

In June, Norway announced it would end its air support commitment to Libyan operations in August.

On Monday, the Libyan government accused NATO of bombing a hospital near Tripoli and said seven people were killed in the air raid.

Government officials showed journalists what they said was a destroyed clinic in the town of Zlitan, east of the capital. The officials also took journalists to food warehouses in the town and said these buildings were damaged by airstrikes too.

The NATO strikes continue as several nations are pursuing diplomatic efforts to reach a political solution to the conflict between Gadhafi's government and the rebels seeking to oust him.

On Sunday, the head of Libya's opposition movement said Gadhafi and his family may stay in the country as long as they give up power and rebel leaders determine where and under what conditions they remain.