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NATO: Militant Leaders Captured, Killed in Afghanistan

NATO says Afghan and coalition forces detained two Taliban leaders and may have killed another senior militant in separate operations across Afghanistan Tuesday.

NATO described one suspect, captured in Kandahar, as a senior Taliban leader who served as a link between various Taliban cells operating in the southern province. The suspect is said to have been responsible for kidnappings as well as instructing other militants on how to build roadside bombs.

NATO says another Taliban leader, captured in the southern province of Nimroz, was responsible for acquiring mines and rockets to be used against coalition forces.

Another senior militant is believed to have been killed in an airstrike targeting insurgents in the eastern province of Nangarhar. NATO says reports indicate the group targeted in the attack had been coordinating the use of suicide bombers within the district.

In another development, Afghan officials say a suicide bomber killed at least one Afghan soldier Tuesday in an attack in Paktika province.