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New Bore Hole Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners

Rescuers in Chile have achieved a breakthrough in efforts to rescue 33 miners trapped underground, reaching them with a bore hole that now must be widened to bring them out safely.

Engineers say a drilling machine has broken through to a work area in the tunnel where the miners are holed up, about 623 meters underground. However, the rescuers say they do not expect a rescue tunnel to be completed before November.

The rescue team says it will use a larger drill bit to widen the hole to at least 60 centimeters to get the men out. On Thursday, the team finished setting up a large platform from which to drill that tunnel.

Relatives of the trapped men cheered and applauded when the platform, normally used for digging oil wells, was completed.

The 33 men have been trapped since the mine collapsed in early August.

Rescuers have been dropping food, water and other relief to the men through three small supply holes.