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Oscar Nominees Share Excitement Over Lunch

Nominees for this year's Academy Awards, or Oscars, got together Monday to share their excitement and a meal at the annual nominee luncheon. Newcomers and veteran actors say they are doing their best to enjoy Hollywood's busy award season.

Mark Ruffalo is a first-time Oscar nominee for his supporting role in the film The Kids Are All Right, where he plays a sperm donor. "It's a huge honor. I probably have the least showy performance of the group, and so I'm a little surprised that I actually made the cut. But I'm also very, very grateful that I made the cut," he said.

Colin Firth is considered a favorite in the contest for best actor for his role as Britain's King George VI in the drama The King's Speech.

Firth won top acting honors at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, and was asked how he feels about all of the recognition. "Obviously, it's elating, and I have a feeling that however this feels is going to percolate through the next six months or so. I'll probably punch the air in May at some point and crack open some champagne in September when it all sinks in," he said.

Jacki Weaver is an Oscar nominee for her supporting role in the crime thriller Animal Kingdom. The 63-year-old veteran of Australian television says she is enjoying the international limelight. "I've never had grand ambitions to work elsewhere, I've always had great characters to play and I've been very happy. And suddenly, I'm thrust into this milieu of much excitement. And I've got to say, it's become addictive very quickly," she said.

Amy Adams is a supporting-actress nominee for the boxing film The Fighter. She will compete against co-star Melissa Leo in that category. Co-star Christian Bale is a nominee for best supporting actor for the film.

Star Mark Wahlberg did not get a nomination, but will be on hand at the Oscars as one of the film's producers. David O. Russell is an nominee for directing the film, and The Fighter is nominated for its screenplay and editing.

Adams says that makes the Oscars all the more exciting. "It's really cool to be here with that many people and get to go on his ride with them. And I'm just really grateful," she said.

Fourteen-year-old Hailee Steinfeld is a nominee for her supporting role in True Grit, a remake of a classic John Wayne Western. "To me, being cast in such an incredible film to me was a big enough award. So this is just incredible," she said.

Jeff Bridges starred in True Grit and is a nominee for best actor, although he says that Colin Firth might take home the trophy. Bridges won last year for the country music tale Crazy Heart, and was asked what advice he gives to first-time nominees. "It's the same advice that my mother gave me and my wife now gives me. And that advice is: remember, have fun and don't take it too seriously," he said.

The Oscars will be presented in Hollywood on February 27. Until then, the stars will be involved in a round of interviews and publicity events leading up to the big evening.