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Qatar, Jordan Urge Global Action on IS

King Abdullah II, of Jordan, addresses the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly, at U.N. headquarters, Sept. 24, 2014.

Two Arab allies in the fight against the Islamic State say swift action is required by the international community.

King Abdullah of Jordan and the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim al-Thani, told the United Nations General Assembly that world order is at stake.

The Jordanian monarch told world leaders gathered in New York that "those who say this is not our business are wrong.” He said the security of every nation will be shaped by the fate of the Middle East and urged “serious humanitarian and security measures” and opportunities for dialogue, reconciliation prosperity and peace.

He said the terrorists and criminals targeting Syria, Iraq and other countries “are extreme reflections of a great, global threat."

However, King Abdullah said the future of the region depends on addressing its "central conflict" which he said was "the denial of Palestinian rights and statehood."

Sheikh Tamim also stressed the need for Palestinian statehood, adding the world community has an obligation to respond to the plight of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and must restrain Israel from building settlements on Palestinian land.

The Qatari leader also urged the international community to arm Syria's opposition forces against what he called an oppressive regime in Damascus.

King Abdullah called for a comprehensive solution to Syria's civil war, starting with talks between the government and the moderate opposition.

The Jordanian king said the flow of Syrian refugees continues and his country is now the world’s third largest host of refugees.

U.S. officials have deflected concerns that strikes on Islamic State targets could benefit the Syrian government, arguing that the focus was on combating Islamic extremists.