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Recapping 2010: Top 5 Most Commented Posts

  • Jessica Stahl

Continuing our look back at 2010, here's a list of the posts that spurred on the most discussions.

The top 5 most commented-on posts:

# 5) A Personal Take on "Americanization," by Nick
I found what I had to do was to reconcile within myself what elements from the American way of life I want to adopt, and at the same time, what am I willing to sacrifice of my own culture for it.

# 4) First Impressions: Arriving, Getting Settled and Meeting My New Country, by Jamal
During this short while I was away from Kyrgyzstan for the first time, I felt I had learned one first very important thing for myself. That is: always ask questions, otherwise you don’t get what you want ...

# 3) Be Proud of Your Country!, by Jamal
When I say that I am from Kyrgyzstan, many people laugh and think I made up such a country, or that the name is misspelled.

# 2) The Ambassador Of Possibility, by Alex
The best part about every journey is not the prize but the experience, especially with the people we meet. It’s the search for the like-minded others. It’s fascinating.

# 1) Whats Up DC? Ready Or Not, Here I Come, by Alex
Somebody call the White House; tell them there is a new man in town!