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Thai Army: Opposition Leader Linked to Seized Weapons

Weapons Thai military seized from raids from May 22 to June 25 are displayed during a news conference in Bangkok, Thailand, Sunday, June 29, 2014.

Thailand's National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on June 29 displayed tons of illegal ammunition and weapons, mainly confiscated by military task forces across Thailand between May 22 and June 25.

The NCPO said both the military and police task forces took part in raids to seize the weapons.

“Jakrapob Penkair was one of the many people who are found to have been behind the [underground] movement and are involved with these weapons,” said Police Colonel Songpol Wattanachai, the deputy commander of Bangkok's Metropolitan Police.

He added investigations have led the Thai Military Court to issue an arrest warrant against Jakrapob, the executive secretary of the Free Thais for Human Rights and Democracy, a recently established opponent of the military junta operating outside Thailand.

The NCPO also said that one of the major reasons which led to the May 22 coup was due to the establishment of unlawful armed forces as well as illegal armaments in preparation to attack their opponents.

“This means that the weapons were used to hurt people in the city… In many countries these incidents are not tolerated,” said Deputy Army Spokesman Winthai Suvaree.

So far, the illegal firearms seized have consisted of 1996 guns, 31,840 rounds of ammunition and 256 explosive devices. The weapons include rifles, machine guns, pistols, and grenade launchers.