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Russia Says Syria's Last 2 Chemical Weapons Sites Dismantled

FILE - A sticker reading Toxic is seen on on containers carrying Syria's chemical weapons, on a Danish cargo ship, Ark Futura, transporting the shipment out of the strife-torn country, in Cyprus coastal waters, May 13, 2014. On Friday, Russia claimed it dismantled Syria's two remaining chemical weapons sites.

The chief of the Russian military's branch for protection from chemical weapons says his troops have dismantled two chemical weapons facilities in areas freed from militants in Syria.

Maj. Gen. Igor Kirillov didn't name the locations, saying only that Russia will provide the data to the international chemical weapons watchdog OPCW.

Kirillov said Friday the facilities dismantled this month were the last two of the 27 chemical weapons sites in Syria, according to Russian news wires. The OPCW was monitoring the destruction of Syria's chemical arsenals under a 2013 U.S.-Russia-brokered deal.

In April, the U.S. struck a Syrian base after accusing Bashar Assad's government of killing over 90 people in a chemical attack. Assad has denied involvement, and Russia has claimed the attack was staged by the militants.