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No Initial Evidence of Shooting at US Naval Medical Center, Authorities Say


Law enforcement personnel converge on an area near a parking garage adjacent to Building 26 at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California, Jan. 26, 2016.

U.S. authorities are investigating a possible active shooting incident at the Naval Medical Center in the western city of San Diego, California, but say their initial search has not turned up any victims or a shooter.

The authorities reported that one witness heard three shots fired in the basement of Building 26 of the medical center, with the hospital advising people in the facility to "run, hide or fight."

Law enforcement authorities are now conducting a further search of the building.

The facility was locked down as authorities investigated. Building 26 houses a gym, as well as offices and barracks for wounded sailors and Marines.

NMCSD Facebook post
NMCSD Facebook post

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A red marking shows the location of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California.
A red marking shows the location of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California.