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Some Brazilians Ignore World Cup as They Try to Survive

Some Brazilians Ignore World Cup as They Try to Survive
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Thousands of soccer fans from all over the world are enjoying their time in Brazil, with beautiful beaches, tropical weather and parties everywhere. But behind the scenes, there are some places where not many tourists will go -- and where not many are celebrating during this World Cup.

These people behind the scenes play in the streets in places tourists visit only when they are lost.

They are families that sleep in the street, and live there.

Their country is home to one of the world’s largest sporting events - football's World Cup - but they know little or nothing about it.

More than 10,000 people live in the streets of Sao Paulo, according to the Ministry of Social Development and the Fight against Hunger.

This is the largest and most economically important city in Brazil, but also the most expensive.

The lucky ones have tents, usually donated by civic organizations. Those who do not are covered with anything they can find to protect themselves from the 15-degree Celsius weather at night.

From São Paulo's Metropolitan Cathedral, Pope Francis prayed for the poor and the homeless while condemning corruption.

One year after his visit, the numbers of homeless people have only increased.

The city of São Paulo was founded here, in what is now the Patio do Colégio Padre Anchieta. The square is “home” to dozens of homeless. So is a local football field where many children dream of one day becoming the next star player for Brazil.

While playing the “berimbau,” an instrument of African origin, Edson Miranda sings. His lyrics speak of hope, of a Jesus that enjoys the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and the belief that a better day is on the horizon.