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Spain Fails to Form Coalition; New Poll Set for June 26

A man sits outside the Spanish Parliament in Madrid, Spain, May 3, 2016. Spain's King has signed a decree Tuesday dissolving parliament and calling elections for June 26 after deputies failed to agree on a new prime minister.

Spain's King Felipe has signed a decree dissolving parliament, triggering new elections scheduled for June 26.

The king took the action Tuesday during an appearance with parliamentary speaker Patxi Lopez, after a May 2 deadline passed for the existing parliament to form a government.

This is the first time Spain has had to hold repeat elections since it became a democracy in 1975.

Spain has been in a political stalemate since December 20, when parliamentary elections resulted in no party getting enough support to form a government on its own. Political leaders have tried unsuccessfully since then to form some sort of ruling coalition, but efforts to produce a viable candidate for prime minister have failed.

However, new elections are no guarantee of a better outcome. Polls indicate the vote is likely to produce much of the same, although some observers say lawmakers may be more willing to compromise with one another after the new vote is taken.