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Tajikistan Appeals for International Aid After Deadly Floods

Tajikistan and the United Nations are appealing for $5.3 million in international aid following deadly floods and mudslides that killed at least 40 people.

The U.N. Resident Coordinator in Tajikistan, Michael Jones, launched the appeal Wednesday to provide relief to the thousands affected by the May 7 flash floods in the town of Kulyab and surrounding districts.

The floods, and resulting mudslides, displaced 4,500 people and destroyed homes, schools and roads. At least 33 people remain missing.

Jones said Tajikistan was counting on the international community's help to support those displaced and the affected communities.

The U.N. appeal includes projects aimed at providing food and basic social services to those living in tents. The plan also intends to restore drinking water and sanitation in Kulyab and surrounding areas.

The mountainous country is impacted by mudslides every year as snow begins to thaw in the spring.