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Timeline of Military Coups in Turkey

Turkish military block access to the Bosphorus bridge, which links the city's European and Asian sides, in Istanbul, Turkey, July 15, 2016.

Timeline of Military Coups in Turkey

1952: Turkey forgoes Ataturk's neutralist policy, joins Nato.

1960: Army stages coup against ruling Democratic Party.

1963: Association agreement signed with European Economic Community.

1965: Suleyman Demirel becomes prime minister; he'll hold position 7 times.

1971: Army forces Demirel's resignation after spate of political violence.

1974: Turkish troops invade Cyprus.

1978: U.S. trade embargo resulting from invasion is lifted.

1980: Military coup follows political deadlock, civil unrest. Martial law imposed.

1982: New constitution creates 7-year presidency, reduces parliament to single chamber.

1983: Turgut Ozal's Motherland Party wins general election.